Standard hourly rate for all services:

  • $75 per hour residential
  • $95 per hour commercial

Charges only begin when I arrive at your home or office.
Trip charges apply only in special instances as defined below.

I can be contacted at support@genehugh.com

Remote Support: $35 for the first 30 minutes, $20 every 30 minutes thereafter
Exactly as it sounds, I would access your computer remotely and help with any issues you have.  If you do not have internet access, I can still work with you over the phone.  Click here for more information.

General service fee: Hourly Rate
If you don’t see it below, then this is how much it will cost you to get what you want done.  The only exception is for Remote Support

Operating System install (no software re-installed): Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 2+ hours)
This service is just re-installing your OS.  This does not include reinstalling your software, migrating personal files, updating and installing drivers.  I install Windows only.  This service is useful if you want a new or fresh copy of Windows because spyware or viruses destroyed your Windows or are installing a new hard drive. This covers returning the system to a factory default state, if possible.

Operating System install/re-install/fix: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 4+ hours)
A more complete service. Now I copy your old files back over. I also re-install all your old programs.  If you have an internet connection, I will download and install all new drivers. This covers returning the system to a factory default state, if possible, and re-installing all your old software.

General hardware install/replace: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 1 hour)
This includes a new disk drive, video card, sound card, anything that can plug into the computer, memory, or anything hardware related except for the CPU. If you are looking for the fastest, cheapest, best way to increase performance, more memory is the answer. If you are looking for a lot better graphics in your games, a newer video card and a sound card are the answers.

CPU upgrade: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 1 hour)
This service is not recommended unless you are upgrading to a dual-core or 64-bit CPU. The costs and difficulties in finding a compatible CPU makes this service rarely worth it. If you can upgrade to a dual-core or 64-bit CPU, you will notice huge performance gains; everyone else will only notice minor gains.

New computer setup/optimize: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 1 hour)
So you paid $2000 for a computer, and now you don’t know what to plug in where. Or, worse, when you start the computer, there are 2000 programs installed that you don’t want or need taking up space and making everything harder to find. Don’t vent your anger, let me cut the fat and leave you with a streamline machine.

Residential Wireless Network setup: $125
(Approximate time: 1-3 hours)
You want to share your printers or internet connection, but you don’t want to crawl under the house or in a hot attic and then attempt to run wires. A wireless network is for you. I will secure your network and share all your printers. Please remember that a wireless network can be much slower than a wired connection.

Commercial Wireless Network setup: $125+
(Approximate time: 30 minutes per device)
This is for offices that want set up and share internet connection over wireless between any computer, printer, media player, or any device at all.  I will make sure each device is set up to be connected to your entire network, and I will make sure it is secured. The first three devices that connect to the network are included in the price. Any device beyond that is $25 each.  Typical range of our commercial WiFi devices is 500 feet. If a public WiFi access point is also desired, it is recommended that a separate WiFi device be used so that your personal data is secured when traveling over the air.  Securing your computers from public access is also extra.

Software install: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: <1 hour ea.)
Any program that you buy and need someone to get it up and running except an Operating System. The price is per title, but combination discounts will apply. For instance, the first title is $50, the second is $25, third $25, and so on.

Data migration (full hard drive): Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 2+ hours)
You just bought a new hard drive, but don’t want to re-install Windows.  I will copy the entire drive from the old to the new.

Data migration (partial): Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 1+ hours)
Transfer only your documents from anywhere to anywhere.

Virus/Spyware/Malware removal: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 2+ hours)
Get rid of any and all malicious software. Know that you may have to purchase antivirus software to perform this service.  I can install one if necessary. Also know that some malware, may have permanently damaged your operating system and require a total re-install of Windows. And sometimes, it is just quicker to re-install Windows. Please note: In some rare cases, it will be necessary to completely re-install Windows or return the system to the factory default. These services are listed above. A word of caution: In certain instances, this service must be off-site because remedies may take anywhere from 2 hours to several days.

General tune-up: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: < 1 hour)
This involves disabling unsafe or unneeded background programs in Windows, deleting residual files and junk from your hard drive, other minor but important tune-ups, download updates to the operating system, and updating drivers.

Comprehensive software service: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 5+ hours)
Combine virus removal, spyware removal, and a tune-up into one package and save. This will get your computer in as close to new condition as possible. And your computer will be safer and more secure.

Computer internal and external cleaning: Hourly Rate
(Approximate time: 1 hour)
Computers collect dust, keyboards collect grit, and monitors collect fingerprints. If too much dust builds up in your computer, it generates more heat. More heat means less stability and shorter life. Or worse, dust can damage your fans so that no air circulates through your computer and destroys your parts.  Regular cleaning is a must.

Unfix-able discount: (-$20)
Let’s be honest, sometimes a problem cannot be fixed. This is especially true of notebooks or if your computer has proprietary non-standard parts. If the replacement part cannot be purchased, how can it be fixed? The only ones who can fix it are the manufacturers. Remember, if I can’t find a problem, you don’t pay. This discount applies if the problem was found but cannot be fixed.

Trip charge: Hourly Rate
Charges for travel time only apply when (a) schedule must be rearranged for an emergency service; (b) computer and/or network must be serviced after 9 p.m. or before 9 a.m.; (c) the location requires more than 1 hour in travel time; and (d) service is required during inclement weather such as snow. Trip charges are billed at the standard hourly rate. These trip charges may be waived at our discretion. For most customers, there will be no charges for travel.


Costs for computer hardware is not included. To help keep our costs low, I do not order parts until needed. The price of hardware is always changing, so I do not know prices until I need the parts. I can get parts at wholesale prices if you are willing to wait 2 to 5 days. Or, I can buy the parts retail and fix the problem the same day.


Costs for computer software is not included. If you like, I can purchase any program your like. I can also get software at wholesale prices too if you are willing to wait 2 or 5 days or I can buy the software retail.


Only labor is guaranteed.  All service is guaranteed for 90 days.


Prices subject to change.  Last change was October 2015.